Refill of 4WD Wash 1L


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Product Description

An extremely safe, sudsy and aggressive to grime wash formula that will give you an epic wash experience with a piece of mind results! This environmentally friendly cocktail of anti-corrosion off-road vehicle washing goodness is a fantastic way of attacking the elements of the outback, industrial fallout, weathering or everyday road grime on your vehicle! Washback that rig to its showroom shine!

Formula Product Information

Due to its non-toxic but alkaline make-up (PH-12), this 4x4 and Caravan wash formula packs a punch that cuts through heavy grit and grime. Heavy enough to attack the environmental nasties but kind enough not to attack paintwork or strip back gel coats when diluted. It’s not recommended to leave formula sitting on ceramic coatings while in its concentrated form as it may reduce the effectiveness of the protective coating. Boasting an extremely important feature is our proprietary blend of anti-rust and corrosion inhibitors. This means NO MORE RUST! An incredible wow factor is guaranteed with the appropriate elbow grease (aka agitation). Give your vehicle the right protection from Mother Nature’s brutal elements by washing with Salty Automotive’s 4x4 and Caravan wash formula.

For best results 

Use in conjunction with Salty’s Noodle mit and microfiber dry towel to agitate and dry properly. Try not to wash in direct sunlight and preferably in a cool shaded area. Don’t let the suds dry on the paintwork to avoid any water spots.

Step by step on how to wash your vehicle properly

  1. Find a cool, shaded area to wash your car or 4x4 out of direct sunlight
  2. Fill the musket canister with 50-90 ml of detergent
  3. Shift the mode handle on top of the musket to the water only, allowing water to remove any loose salt, sand or grime on the top of the vehicle before foaming the vehicle
  4. Wash the Wheels with Salty Automotive Wheel Wash (Follow wheel wash instructions)
  5. Cover one half of the vehicle with Foam by shifting the mode handle to Foam + Water
  6. Rinse the Salty Automotive Wash noodle with soapy water and begin the agitation process (Don’t press the wash noodle hard into the body, the weight of your hand should be sufficient enough)
  7. Don’t let the suds dry on the vehicle
  8. Rinse the suds off with fresh water by adjusting the mode handle to water only
  9. Work your way around the vehicle and repeat steps 6,7 and 8 until the whole vehicle has been cleaned
  10. Completely dry the vehicle with an XL microfibre dry towel
Refill of 4WD Wash 1L

Refill of 4WD Wash 1L