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What surfaces can i use Salty Captain on?

Salty Captain Salt Wash is pH 7, that means that it has a balanced pH level and should not cause damage or corrosion to surfaces that it is used on. This is important for cleaning and maintenance products used on boats and other marine equipment, as harsh chemicals can damage the surfaces and impact the equipment's performance and longevity. It can be used on a wide range of surfaces, but it is always recommended to test a small area first before applying the product to the entire surface.

Can i use the wash products on my boat if it is docked in the water or on a pontoon?

Salty Captain is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. However, you should consider your local councils rules and regulations with washing any vessel near a waterway. We advise our customers to wash their boat on a trailer on the grass.

How many washes do i get per 1L of solution

You will get 12-17 washes per 1L bottle. Which is less than $3 per wash

Can i use Salty Captain Engine Flush to wash my car?

We recommend using our Car Wash detergent or the 4x4 wash to wash vehicles. The Engine Flush solution is deisgned for a quick injection through the outboard or inboard of boats and PWC that may affect any coating on your car

Will the Salt Wash Damage my Bimini top or ruin the waterproofing? 

No, As the salt wash is PH Neutral and waterbased the solution has no ability to penetrate waterproofing and effect its shelf life