Captain's Musket


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"Easily the best way to wash & flush my boat hands down - DALE"

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The Captains Musket

The most popular wash weapon on the market! Cut your cleaning time down dramatically with this multi purpose 2-in-1 wash device! Simply fill the canister with concentrate formula and use this versatile multi-purpose musket as a soap wash device and or and outboard, inboard or PWC engine flush accessory. 

Wash Your:

🏠 House  🚤 Boat  🚙 Car  🚜 4x4  🛵 Motobike

"You'll never use a bucket or need to pressure wash your boat again"

Quit carrying around a bucket full of soapy water and disgusting sponges just to rid salt from your boat or PWC. Everything is in the palm of your single hand. The soap, the hose, the pressure, the water the lot. It's a simple system thats has the attention of our boating, 4wd'ing, jetski'ing and sports car nation.

"This musket by salty captain is so versatile!" 

The versatility of the musket is so broad. There's a number of attachments that can be fitted to the end of the device that replaces its default spray nozzle such as Salty Foam Brushes, Salty Under Vehicle Sprinkler, Gutter cleaners for your house and plenty more.


Captain's Musket

Captain's Musket