Car Wash Essentials (Refill) Bucket

Car Wash Essentials (Refill) Bucket

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Car Wash Essentials (Refill) Bucket
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Wow, this value stacked bucket is amazing!” You might already have a foam gun so we whipped you up this value stacked cleaning & protection bundle in a bucket! Elevate your car care routine to perfection with this refill kit!

 What’s in the Bundle? 👇🏼

  • 15L Bucket
  • 500ml Car Wash
  • 500ml Interior 
  • 500ml Grease Attack
  • 500ml Wheel wash
  • 500ml Glass Cleaner

 Premium 15L Bucket with Dirt Trap

🪣 The high-quality 15L Bucket with a Dirt Trap ensures that dirt and debris stay at the bottom and away from the cleaning process, making the entire chassis care routine efficient and mess-free.

500ml Car Wash 

🏞️ Restore That Showroom Shine! Our specially formulated 500ml Car Wash will leave his car gleaming and spotless, while gently preserving the paint's luster. Give his vehicle the pampering it deserves!

 500ml Interior Cleaner 

🚗 Revive the Interior Brilliance with our 500ml Interior Cleaner ensures a gentle yet effective cleaning experience for the car's interior, leaving it fresh and inviting for every drive. Say goodbye to dust and grime!

500ml Grease Attack 

🛠️ Conquer Stubborn Grease and Grime with the 500ml Grease Attack Multipurpose De-greaser is your dad's secret weapon against tough grease and grime, making car maintenance a breeze. Keep the engine bay spotless!

500ml Wheel Wash 

🚘 Shine On, Wheels! Our 500ml Wheel Wash will make his wheels gleam like new, removing brake dust and road grime with ease. Let his wheels be the envy of the road!

500ml Glass Cleaner 

🪟 Crystal Clear Visibility with the 500ml Glass Cleaner ensures a streak-free and crystal clear view, making every drive safe and enjoyable. Give him a clear view of the road ahead!


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Car Wash Essentials (Refill) Bucket
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Level Up! Upgrade to the Superior Car Care Experience!


Why stop at basic when you can elevate? Experience a more efficient, comprehensive, and gratifying car cleaning experience with our Superior Car Care Kit. This enhanced package provides not only our top-tier cleaning solutions but also the essential tools to make the job a breeze and produce showroom-worthy results.

What You'll Get with the Upgrade:

  1. 15L Bucket - Generous capacity for a more efficient cleaning process.
  2. Musket OR Foam Cannon - Amplify the power of your cleaning. Choose the one that fits your setup best!
  3. 500ml Car Wash - Dissolves dirt and leaves a radiant shine.
  4. 500ml Interior - Restores and refreshes your car's inner sanctum.
  5. 500ml Grease Attack - Bids farewell to the most stubborn grease.
  6. 500ml Wheel Wash - Makes those rims pop like brand new.
  7. 500ml Glass Cleaner - For a streak-free, perfect clarity view.
  8. Hand Mitt & Towel - Soft materials ensure a gentle, effective clean and dry.
  9. Hard Bristle Brush - Gets into those tough spots with ease.
  10. Soft Bristle Brush - Perfect for the delicate surfaces ensuring zero damage.

You're already investing in premium cleaning solutions. It's time to complete the set and transform your car cleaning routine. Don't miss out on the sheer satisfaction this upgrade will bring. Step up to the Superior Car Care Kit. Upgrade today!