Chassis Champ 500ml

Chassis Champ 500ml

2 total reviews

2 total reviews

Chassis Champ 500ml
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Ultimate Underbody Defender against rust!

Product Description:
Tackle the wild with unparalleled confidence! Introducing Chassis Champ, an elite underbody sealant formulated to combat the most aggressive corrosive elements Mother Nature throws at your vehicle. With its semi-hardening properties, it cures to cloak your underbody in an invisible yet formidable barrier, ensuring that the dunes, mud flats, bush terrains, and salty roads meet their match.

Benefits of Using Chassis Champ:

  • Durable Barrier: Solidifies to form a semi-hard shield, preventing corrosion and wear.
  • Protection from Elements: Specifically crafted to defend against harsh environments, be it salt, mud, sand or bush.
  • Lasting Performance: Once cured, the protection remains robust and dependable, letting you tackle challenging terrains without a second thought. Each Application will last a few trips up the beach for ultimate protection
  • Invisible Guard: Cures to an inconspicuous finish, ensuring your vehicle's aesthetics remain unaltered.

How to Apply Chassis Champ:

  • Thorough Cleaning: Begin with a meticulous cleaning of the underbody. It's crucial to remove all dirt, grease, rust, or any other contaminants that might hinder the sealant's adhesion.
  • Dry Completely: Ensure the underbody is entirely dry. Any moisture can compromise the effectiveness of the Chassis Champ.
  • Shake Well: Vigorously shake the Chassis Champ container to ensure a homogenous mix.
  • Application: With the provided applicator or a suitable brush, apply a uniform coat of Chassis Champ to the underbody. Ensure all areas are covered adequately.
  • Curing Time: Allow a minimum of 12 hours for the product to cure fully. This is crucial to formulating the protective barrier.
  • Venture Out: Once the curing time is over, you're ready to conquer any terrain, whether it's the dunes, mud flats, bush, or salty roads, with your underbody optimally shielded.

With Chassis Champ, you not only enhance the lifespan of your vehicle's undercarriage but also maintain its pristine condition, regardless of where the journey takes you. Adventure without worry, knowing that Chassis Champ has got you covered.


    Proudly Australian-Made, our product is meticulously formulated to provide a durable, hard surface that delivers unparalleled protection, particularly in the harsh and corrosive environment of saltwater beaches. Trust in our solution for the ultimate safeguarding of your belongings.



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    • TE
      Tegan E.
      Verified Buyer
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      4 months ago
      Chassis champ

      Worked amazing kept my chassis clean while at the beach no sand on it at all

    • RB
      Robert B.
      Verified Buyer
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      5 months ago
      Chassis Champ Underbody sealer

      Surprisingly easy to apply and once dry (checked next day) appears to created a easy to see barrier

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    Experience the best in Australian craftsmanship with our meticulously formulated product, designed to create a robust, hard surface that offers unmatched protection, especially in the challenging coastal conditions of saltwater beaches. With a focus on quality and durability, our solution ensures your assets remain shielded from the corrosive effects of saltwater, making it an ideal choice for coastal enthusiasts and beachgoers seeking long-lasting protection. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with a product that's proudly Australian-made, and venture into the coastal adventures you love, knowing your investments are safeguarded by the best.

    Chassis Champ 500ml
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    Elevate Your Off-Road Experience with The Ultimate Refill Bucket!


    Attention all off-road enthusiasts and clean-car aficionados! Say goodbye to the hassle of half-measures and hello to the pinnacle of vehicle care with our most comprehensive and value-packed cleaning & protection bundle yet – the Ultimate Refill Bucket. Designed specifically for those who believe in thorough care for their 4WDs and RVs, this kit is the answer to your most demanding cleaning needs.

    Why Settle for Less When You Can Have the Best?
    In the world of off-roading, your vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation; it's your adventure partner, your trail companion, and let's face it, a reflection of you. So, why not keep it in tip-top shape? Our Ultimate Refill Bucket is not just about cleaning; it's about giving your vehicle the VIP treatment it deserves.

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    Discover the Game-Changing Ultimate Refill Bucket for 4WD & RV Enthusiasts

    Are you ready to revolutionize your 4WD or RV cleaning routine? Welcome to our latest breakthrough in vehicle care – the Ultimate Refill Bucket – your one-stop solution to elevate your maintenance game and keep your machine in stellar condition, all from the comfort of your own home in the USA.

    Journey into the Ultimate Cleaning Experience

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    Why the Ultimate Refill Bucket is a Must-Have

    Packed with over $210 worth of premium Salty Captain products for only $110, this limited-time offer is not just a steal – it's a strategic investment in longevity and performance. Each item in this carefully curated collection works in concert to not just clean, but protect your beloved vehicle.

    • 500ml 4WD & RV Wash: Battle the elements with our anti-rust and corrosion-inhibiting wash. It's like an invisible shield for your vehicle's paint job, regardless of the terrain.
    • 500ml Interior Cleaner: Our non-scented, surface-safe cleaner promises a pristine cabin after every excursion. Your interior will thank you for the refresh!
    • 500ml Grease Attack: This isn't just a cleaner; it's your secret weapon against the stubborn grease and grime that come with adventure. Plus, it's versatile enough to clean almost anything – even your BBQ!
    • 500ml Chassis Champ: Fortify your undercarriage against rust with our semi-hardening protective formula. It's like an anti-aging cream for your vehicle's lower half.
    • 500ml Drip Dry: Imagine drying your car with water – our Drip Dry solution makes this paradox a reality, leaving behind a ceramic-coated look in less than a minute.
    • 500ml Glass Cleaner: See the world clearly with our streak-free formula, ensuring every drive is as safe as it is enjoyable.
    • 500ml Final Touch: Between washes, give your vehicle that just-off-the-lot shine without water or fuss. It's the ultimate quick fix for a radiant finish.

    The Salty Captain's Promise

    Located right here in the USA, we're committed to providing you with products that not only clean but maintain and enhance your vehicle's appearance and value. Our Ultimate Refill Bucket is not just a purchase; it's an addition to your 4WD or RV's extended family, promising nothing but the best in care and protection.

    Get your hands on this exclusive bundle and experience the difference in your vehicle's performance and appearance. Whether it's the trails, the beach, or the daily grind, the Ultimate Refill Bucket is your guarantee of a vehicle that's not just clean, but remarkably cared for.

    Ride, Clean, Repeat

    Let the Ultimate Refill Bucket be the silent hero of your off-road tales. With the high-quality 15L Bucket with Dirt Trap as its cornerstone, you’re set for a cleaning ritual that’s efficient, effective, and downright enjoyable.

    Ready to redefine how you care for your 4WD or RV? Dive into the Ultimate Refill Bucket experience and turn every clean-up into a victory lap for your vehicle. Remember, this isn't just maintenance; it's a statement of pride in your ride.

    Upgrade Your Adventure Today!

    Our Ultimate Refill Bucket is waiting, but it won't wait forever, especially not at this unmatched value. Head over now to secure your bundle and make your next journey the cleanest one yet!

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    The Salty Captain’s Ultimate Refill Bucket: An Insider’s Guide to Superior 4WD & RV Care

    When it comes to caring for your 4WD or RV, the difference between good and great lies in the details – and in the quality of the products you use. At Salty Captain, we understand that a true off-road enthusiast sees their vehicle not just as a means to an end, but as a treasured companion on every adventure. That’s why we crafted the Ultimate Refill Bucket, loaded with premium formulations designed to cater to every aspect of your vehicle’s cleanliness and maintenance. Here’s an inside look at each product and what it brings to your vehicle’s care routine.

    A Closer Look at the Essentials of the Ultimate Refill Bucket

    • 15L Bucket with Dirt Trap: Our robust bucket serves as the starting point of your cleaning process. It’s not just any bucket; it’s equipped with a dirt trap, ensuring that the sediment stays away from your wash mitt and off your vehicle’s paint, preventing scratches and swirl marks.
    • 4WD & RV Wash: Treating your vehicle’s exterior to a luxurious bath begins with our 4WD Wash, a concoction that does more than just cleanse. It's imbued with anti-rust and corrosion inhibitors, extending the life and luster of your vehicle's paintwork against the harsh elements encountered off-road.
    • Interior Cleaner: Step inside your vehicle and you’re greeted by the aftermath of your adventures. Our Interior Cleaner is a gentle giant – tough on dirt but safe on all surfaces, leaving your dashboard, seats, and every nook as fresh as the day you first set off.
    • Grease Attack: This is where the muscle comes in. Grease Attack is a versatile de-greaser, perfect for those grueling spots where dust and grease have decided to mingle. It’s not only for your vehicle; this multi-purpose cleaner can tackle anything from engine bays to outdoor grills.
    • Chassis Champ: The undercarriage of your vehicle is often its most neglected part, but not anymore. Chassis Champ offers a formidable defense against rust, creating a hydrophobic layer that laughs in the face of moisture and grime.
    • Drip Dry: Who knew that water could be used to dry? With Drip Dry, a quick coat sprayed on with a foam gun turns into an invisible, water-repelling barrier, making the drying process as simple as a drive down the road.
    • Glass Cleaner: There’s nothing quite like gazing out of a clean windshield onto the open trail. Our Glass Cleaner ensures that your view remains pristine, ensuring safety and clarity with every trip.
    • Final Touch: Sometimes you don’t need a full wash; you just need a touch-up. Final Touch is your go-to for those moments, providing a waterless wash that elevates your vehicle’s shine to showroom standards in mere moments.

    Why These Products Make a Difference

    Each product in the Ultimate Refill Bucket has been crafted with care and precision, designed to meet the specific needs of 4WD and RV owners. We’ve tailored our formulas to not only clean but to also protect and preserve the integrity of your vehicle, whether it's tackling the grime on your grille or preserving the polish on your paint.

    Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every sud, swipe, and spray. These products represent more than just vehicle maintenance; they are the guardians of your vehicle’s performance and appearance, ensuring that every return from the wild leaves your 4WD or RV ready for the next adventure.

    Embrace the Full Spectrum of Vehicle Care

    As the off-road escapades pile up, so does the wear on your vehicle. But with the Salty Captain’s Ultimate Refill Bucket, you have a dedicated arsenal to combat every element, preserve every surface, and enhance every journey. It’s not just about the clean; it’s about the ongoing commitment to the vehicle that takes you places others only dream of.

    So, whether you're facing the remnants of a muddy trail or the aftermath of a cross-country trek, remember that the key to longevity and performance lies within the Ultimate Refill Bucket – your comprehensive toolkit for an unblemished, resilient, and always adventure-ready ride.

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    Absolutely, let’s dive into a step-by-step guide on how to use the Salty Captain’s Ultimate Refill Bucket to achieve a professional-level clean on your 4WD or RV.

    Step 1: Prep with the 15L Bucket and Dirt Trap
    Fill your 15L Bucket with water and add a generous amount of the 4WD & RV Wash. The dirt trap goes at the bottom of the bucket to separate the grime from your cleaning tools.

    Step 2: Pre-rinse Your Vehicle
    Using a hose, rinse your vehicle thoroughly to remove loose dirt and debris. This helps prevent scratching during the washing process.

    Step 3: Wash with 4WD & RV Wash
    Soak the Microfiber Hand Mitt in the soapy water solution. Starting from the top and working your way down, wash the vehicle in sections, rinsing the mitt in the bucket frequently to release trapped dirt into the dirt trap.

    Step 4: Tough Spots with Grease Attack
    For stubborn spots like grease or tar, apply Grease Attack directly onto the affected area. Use the Hard Bristle Brush for stubborn dirt and the Soft Bristle Brush for sensitive areas, gently scrubbing until the spot is gone.

    Step 5: Undercarriage with Chassis Champ
    Spray Chassis Champ onto the undercarriage, ensuring even coverage for protection against rust and corrosion. Allow it to settle for a few minutes before rinsing off.

    Step 6: Rinse Off the Vehicle
    Rinse your vehicle thoroughly with clean water from top to bottom, ensuring all soap and cleaning products are washed away.

    Step 7: Apply Drip Dry
    While the vehicle is still wet, apply Drip Dry to all exterior surfaces using a foam gun. Rinse off immediately after application for a water-spot-free finish and reduced drying time.

    Step 8: Dry Your Vehicle
    Using the premium Microfiber Towel, gently dry any remaining moisture from your vehicle’s surface.

    Step 9: Clean the Glass
    Spray Glass Cleaner onto windows and mirrors and use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away streaks for a crystal-clear view.

    Step 10: Interior Clean-up
    Apply the Interior Cleaner to the inside surfaces of your vehicle. Wipe down with a clean microfiber cloth for a fresh and spotless cabin.

    Step 11: Final Touches
    For a dazzling finish, apply Final Touch with a microfiber cloth to the exterior surfaces, buffing to a high shine. This quick detailer adds a water-beading layer and gives your vehicle that brand-new look.

    Important Tips:

    • Always work in a shaded area or on a cool surface to prevent products from drying too quickly and leaving residues.
    • Regularly flip and exchange your towels and mitts for clean ones to avoid dragging dirt across surfaces.
    • Follow the specific instructions on each product label for the best results and to ensure you don’t damage any sensitive materials.

    With this comprehensive routine, not only will your vehicle look impeccably clean, but it will also be well-protected against the elements until your next adventure.

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    Experience a pristine and protected ride with our Ultimate Refill Bucket, featuring everything you need for a comprehensive, top-to-bottom 4WD or RV detail.