4WD DIY Detail (Refill) Bucket

4WD DIY Detail (Refill) Bucket

2 total reviews

4wd Care
Anti Rust

2 total reviews

4WD DIY Detail (Refill) Bucket
4wd Care
Anti Rust

The ultimate car care bundle! Elevate your routine with our 15L refill kit, with over $210 worth of Salty Captain Products. Enjoy anti-rust protection, a dirt-trap bucket, and a sparkling finish. We have a limited-time offer!

The ultimate car care bundle! Elevate your routine with our 15L refill kit, with over $210 worth of Salty Captain Products. Enjoy anti-rust protection, a dirt-trap bucket, and a sparkling finish. We have a limited-time offer!

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What’s in the Bundle? 👇🏼

  • 15L Bucket
  • 500ml 4WD & RV Wash
  • 500ml Interior Cleaner
  • 500ml Grease Attack
  • 500ml Drip Dry
  • 500ml Chassis Champ
  • 500ml Glass Cleaner
  • 500ml Final Touch

Premium 15L Bucket with Dirt Trap

🪣 The high-quality 15L Bucket with Dirt Trap ensures that dirt and debris stay at the bottom and away from the cleaning process, making the entire chassis care routine efficient and mess-free.

 500ml 4WD Wash

 🏞️ Anti-Rust and Corrosion Protection: Our specially formulated 500ml 4WD Wash comes with advanced anti-rust and corrosion inhibitors, adding an extra layer of care to keep his vehicle looking as good as new, no matter the terrain.

 500ml Interior Cleaner

 🚗 Our 500ml Interior Cleaner is non-scented and suitable for any surface, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning experience for the interior cabin, leaving it spotless and fresh. This stuff is safe on all surfaces!

 The 500ml Grease Attack

 🛠️ Tackle Tough Grease with Ease! The 500ml Grease Attack Multipurpose De-greaser is a force to be reckoned with! It's Dad's secret weapon against stubborn grease and grime, making maintenance a breeze. It can be used and diluted to clean almost anything! Including his BBQ!

 500ml Chassis Champ 

🚚 Keep the Undercarriage rust-free! Our 500ml Chassis Champ is specifically formulated to protect and maintain the undercarriage, safeguarding it from the rigours of the elements of mother nature. Its powerful semi-hardening compound will create a hydrophobic and sand-repellent surface ensuring zero rust is penetrated!

 500ml Drip Dry 

🌦️ Apply this and literally dry your car with water! Say goodbye to water spots! The 500ml Drip Dry solution is applied with your foam gun applicator and washed off immediately leaving his 4WD with a completely ceramic-coated vehicle in less than 60 seconds!

 500ml Glass Cleaner 

🪟 Crystal Clear Visibility with The 500ml Glass Cleaner ensures a streak-free and crystal clear view, making every drive safe and enjoyable.

 500ml Final Touch

 🏁 The perfect quick ceramic waterless wash that brings an amazing shine to your car's paintwork. It works well for in-between washes when it's not so dirty, No hose, no suds, no fuss! Our 500ml Final Touch detailer will give his 4WD that brilliant shine and showroom finish, leaving it looking like it just rolled off the lot!




Step 1: Prep with the 15L Bucket and Dirt Trap

Fill your 15L Bucket with water and add a generous amount of the 4WD & RV Wash. The dirt trap goes at the bottom of the bucket to separate the grime from your cleaning tools.

Step 2: Pre-rinse Your Vehicle
Using a hose, rinse your vehicle thoroughly to remove loose dirt and debris. This helps prevent scratching during the washing process.

Step 3: Wash with 4WD & RV Wash
Soak the Microfiber Hand Mitt in the soapy water solution. Starting from the top and working your way down, wash the vehicle in sections, rinsing the mitt in the bucket frequently to release trapped dirt into the dirt trap.

Step 4: Tough Spots with Grease Attack
For stubborn spots like grease or tar, apply Grease Attack directly onto the affected area. Use the Hard Bristle Brush for stubborn dirt and the Soft Bristle Brush for sensitive areas, gently scrubbing until the spot is gone.

Step 5: Undercarriage with Chassis Champ
Spray Chassis Champ onto the undercarriage, ensuring even coverage for protection against rust and corrosion. Allow it to settle for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Step 6: Rinse Off the Vehicle
Rinse your vehicle thoroughly with clean water from top to bottom, ensuring all soap and cleaning products are washed away.

Step 7: Apply Drip Dry
While the vehicle is still wet, apply Drip Dry to all exterior surfaces using a foam gun. Rinse off immediately after application for a water-spot-free finish and reduced drying time.

Step 8: Dry Your Vehicle
Using the premium Microfiber Towel, gently dry any remaining moisture from your vehicle’s surface.

Step 9: Clean the Glass
Spray Glass Cleaner onto windows and mirrors and use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away streaks for a crystal-clear view.

Step 10: Interior Clean-up
Apply the Interior Cleaner to the inside surfaces of your vehicle. Wipe down with a clean microfiber cloth for a fresh and spotless cabin.

Step 11: Final Touches
For a dazzling finish, apply Final Touch with a microfiber cloth to the exterior surfaces, buffing to a high shine. This quick detailer adds a water-beading layer and gives your vehicle that brand-new look.

Important Tips:

  • Always work in a shaded area or on a cool surface to prevent products from drying too quickly and leaving residues.
  • Regularly flip and exchange your towels and mitts for clean ones to avoid dragging dirt across surfaces.
  • Follow the specific instructions on each product label for the best results and to ensure you don’t damage any sensitive materials.

With this comprehensive routine, not only will your vehicle look impeccably clean, but it will also be well-protected against the elements until your next adventure.



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4WD DIY Detail (Refill) Bucket
4WD DIY Detail (Refill) Bucket added to your cart

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